その後、DJ MAYUMI主催のイベントBerry Jamに3年間レギュラー出演。
2005年には「Made In J apan Mixed By DJ MAYUMI」にて初の楽曲「Think About You」を発表。
その2年後にVICTORより発売の「DJ MAYUMI Berry Jam MIXED UP」にて楽曲「18(eighteen)」を発表。
リミックスはUKの人気ユニット、THE YOUNG PUNX!が担当し、この夏、彼等とSPACE COWBOYのJAPANツアーでゲストパフォーマンスを披露。これから大注目のHOUSE.ELECTRO系シンガー。
Her name is Micca.
She grew up in a very musical family.
She started playing the piano at the age of 3.
She began to study Classical music and soon grew a love for the arts.
She soon started singing and performing in front of others.
Her music career really took off in her late teens by performing around local clubs while she was in highschool.
She kept busy and became very popular with the local club scene, sometimes she even performed more than 10 live events in a month. Her talent earned her a regular spot to perform at the party "Berry Jam", which was produced by DJ MAYUMI. Her first project "Think about you" was released in 2005 from "Made In Japan, mixed by DJ MAYUMI".
Two years after her first release she dropped her second project labeled "18".
It was compiled by "DJ MAYUMI Berry Jam MIXED UP" by VICTOR.ENTERTAINMENT. Now in the year 2008, she reinvented herself and chose a ne w passion in the"House Music" industry.
She is determined and will push herself untill she gets her music heard!!!
Here is a copy of her first single "Stay with me THE YOUNG PUNX REMIX"
thank you for reading!
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